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Barbeque Rosemary

Barbeque Rosemary

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Rosmarinus officinalis 'Barbeque'

This variety of rosemary stands out for its exceptionally flavorful and aromatic foliage, ideal for culinary purposes. Its sturdy, straight stems serve as excellent barbecue skewers. As a rapidly growing, upright shrub, it features abundant, clear blue flowers. It responds well to pruning, making it a perfect choice for hedges or screens. Maintains its evergreen characteristics.

Attributes: Fragarant Foliage, Showy Flowers, Waterwise, Edible, Easy Care

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Size: Reaches 4-6 ft. tall x 2-3 ft. wide
  • Flower Color: Green
  • Foliage Color: Blue
  • Blooms: Summer
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